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Our top FAQ'

How do I make a booking?

You can call us on 020 30485527 or email in:

What should I do if my driver is late?

Call in, we are always happy to help on 020 30485527

What is our cancellation policy

If a driver has been assigned under 5 minutes to a job there is no cancellation fee. However, if it has been more than 5 minutes, applicable cancellation fees will be charged. Full fees are highlighted in our T&C'

Do you have a minimum fare charged?

Our base/ minimum off peak fare is £8.50,

How do I raise a concern/ complaint?

The most effective way is calling in on 020 30485527 or by emailing in into our dedicated line of

I think I lost something in your car

We will always use extensive efforts locatin lost items and, if found, securely stored at our office for a set amount of months. You can contact us by sending an email to and one of our team will be happy to help. If we are unable to return your property after 12 months, we will securely dispose of the item.

Do you have surge charging?

No we do not operate with surge pricing. The price of a journey is confirmed at the time of the booking, charges such as any, waiting time, car parking and any additional stops can apply.

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